A Slight Introduction

Slight Jewelry creates unique and quirky unisex Jewelry with only the highest quality and ethically sourced materials, all designed and produced in NYC. The Slight Jewelry collections are eclectic, cheeky and imaginative with undeniable cachet. Each piece pushes the fashion envelope- unique sculptural creations that combine hand-crafted and 3D-printed elements. Merging science fiction with Art Deco, Slight Jewelry explores and celebrates the conflicting styles and behaviors in all of us.

Designer and jeweler Amanda Campbell balances offbeat designs and precious metals with rare grey diamonds,Tahitian pearls, and vivid gemstones in her Fine and Fashion Jewelry collections. A sci-fi aficionado, Amanda morphs human features and entomological structures while maintaining the sleek and sophisticated design of the Art Deco era. Think David Lynch meets H.R. Giger on the set of BladeRunner.  Slight Jewelry has been prominently featured in top fashion and cultural publications worldwide, is currently one of only three fine jewelry designers selected for The Residency in Hollywood by Bea Akerlund, and can be found at Albright Fashion Library in NYC.